The Nature Sanctuary

There are over 3 miles of trails on the 24 acres of fields and forests. The balance of the property is 13 acres of salt marsh that disappear into another 15,000 acres of the Dennis Creek Wildlife Management Area. Enjoy so many birds and native plants!

Experience Goshen

You’re right at the top of the peninsula of Cape May, but you may as well be a thousand miles away….

Sunsets are Endless

People often say that once they’ve seen the view from the end of the farm, they totally “get” my paintings, and understand the simplicity and the sublime! Bring your art supplies too!

Naturalists, Birders, Moth’ers

We have logged over 200 species of birds, lively amphibians, many reptiles, mammals and of course so many butterflies!

The property is home to over 70 native trees and shrubs, unusual native vines, cool ferns and rare orchids, along with the fields loaded with over 100 native and introduced wildflowers…..all managed in a kind of wilderness Versaille!

A Gentle Guiding Hand

Over the past 24 years Stan has planted hundreds of native plants to fill out the areas that were lost during the decades of heavy farming, and Nature has contributed to the Renaissance of the property by sowing so many unusual plants in what Stan says would have cost half a million dollars to recreate!

There is intrigue with every step

One of the favorite things people do here, is making temporary art with found objects like leaves and mosses and stone. See what you can make in a few minutes and leave it for the next person to stumble upon!


Looking a little closer

When you arrive here, you become a child again, nothing is as important as the moment. Be still. Be silent. Become one with the landscape and it will become one with you.

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